Smith & Nephew Skin-Prep

Smith & Nephew Skin Prep Wipes is indicated for intact skin to protect it from the effects of wound drainage or ostomy effluent, adhesive trauma, tape stripping, and friction. Forms a protective interface to prepare intact skin for attachment sites, tape, films, and adhesive dressings. Fast-drying, liquid film-forming skin protectant that creates a flexible, transparent barrier that is waterproof, and breathable.


  • Helps tape and film adhesion
  • Fast and easy to use, only one coat is required, so less product is used per application
  • Removes easily using skin cleanser or soap and water, so unsanitary residue isn’t left in or around the wound area
  • Allows skin to “breathe” so tapes and films adhere better

Additional Information:

  • Sterile
  • Single-use
  • Sold in box of 50 wipes