GemCore360° Transparent Thin Film

A transparent dressing constructed from a thin, breathable waterproof polyurethane film with acrylic adhesive. Permeable to oxygen and water vapor but not water, they provide a moist, warm, clean environment and allow for visual inspection. Films may also be useful to reduce friction and provide protection. 

MOISTURE VAPOR PERMEABLE Creates an optimal environment for healing and may be left in place for up to 7 days (dressing change frequency will depend on the amount of drainage). 

TRANSPARENT Easy to apply and allows the clinician to visually inspect the wound without removing the dressing. 

CONFORMABLE AND THIN Conforms to body contours and helps to protect the skin or secure medical devices on the skin (i.e. catheter or IV). 

FRICTION AND PROVIDES PROTECTION Helps to prevent skin breakdown caused by friction to the epidermis. 

WATERPROOF AND BACTERIAL BARRIER Protects from cross-contamination. Keeps bacteria and other contaminants away from the wound. Allows the patient to wash or shower.