GemCore360° Reinforced Alginate

GemCore360° Reinforced Alginate

A uniquely designed reinforced dressing developed to provide all the benefits of an alginate dressing while offering high wet strength and soft clear-gelling properties, which ensures a moist wound environment is maintained and provides the confidence the dressing can be removed intact. 

HIGH WET TENSILE STRENGTH With a hidden nylon layer, this reinforced dressing is easily removed intact with minimal pain for the patient. 

HIGHLY ABSORBENT When applied to a wound, the sodium-calcium ion-exchange changes into a clear hydrophilic water-absorbing soft gel with an excellent absorption rate (22.7 g/100 cm2/24 hr). This helps reduce the number of dressing changes, provides increase wear time (up to 7 days), and reduce the risk of maceration. 

SOFT, CONFORMABLE TO WEAR Allows patients to continue with their daily activities. 

REDUCED LATERAL WICKING Exudate is absorbed vertically into the dressing and retained in a gel, whereby reducing the risk of maceration and damage to the peri-wound skin. 

BIOABSORBABLE Any residual fibers that may be left in the wound pose no risk to the patient 

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AM-WC-AG22  2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm)  A6196  10/box 
AM-WC-AG4475  4" x 4.75" (10 cm x 12 cm)  A6196  10/box 



AM-WC-AG12R  1" x 12" (2.5 cm x 30.5 cm)  A6199  5/box